Hot Laminated One-Time Password Card With Aveso Display Passes Rigorous 3 Roller Test

SEATTLE – Oct. X, 2009 – Aveso, Inc., a leading provider of flexible electronic display modules suitable for high volume, cost-sensitive mass consumer applications, today announced that its flexible 120 BIM display cards, made by dz card (International), containing its proprietary flexible display module have successfully passed the rigorous NCITS 322 3-roller test, as administered by Eclipse Laboratories in Minneapolis.

Aveso’s paper-thin, rugged display products are designed for applications where it has previously been impossible or impractical to integrate displays, due to cost, form factor or scalability. Aveso’s displays are based on a patented electro-active ink technology that makes it possible to manufacture displays using installed manufacturing capacity and readily available materials.

The industry-standard NCITS 322 3-roller test confirms that the display card from dz card, which contains sensitive data and microchips, supplied from Aveso, are supremely flexible and durable and able to meet the substantive requirements for card use worldwide.

For the test, 120 BIM cards, manufactured by dz card using Aveso’s display, were subjected to the NCITS 322 3-Roller test with the force exerted by the top roller onto the bottom rollers of the 38N tester. A short end of each card is inserted, front side up, between the top metal roller and bottom plastic rollers. The assembly or card is passed through the rollers throughout its length when rotating the top roller (first pass). The card is then removed and re-inserted in the same manner with the backside of the card up (second pass). The test is repeated until a total of 10 passes are achieved.

Results indicated that all 120-card displays illuminated successfully after the 38N 3-Roller test. The dz card’s BIM cards with Aveso display also passed the equally rigorous ISO/IEC 10373-1 dynamic bending stress test.

“Our products are designed for maximum flexibility and durability, and we had every confidence that our displays would pass this industry-standard test,” said Dennis Brestovansky, president and CEO of Aveso, Inc. “This validation lends tremendous credence to our product and should inspire significant marketplace confidence as we move more strongly into the global market.”

“We have a strong reputation as a company that can deliver premium quality, excellent customer service and fast delivery,” said Jørgen Schmidt, owner, founder, chairman and CEO of dz card International. “By using Aveso’s flexible display module in our cards, institutions and their end users can expect supreme protection and security, durability, with high-contrast readability, a long lifespan and maximum convenience from their cards. We have found an innovative partner in Aveso and expect significant growth globally with its display embedded on our cards.”

Aveso’s flexible display modules can be embedded using hot lamination processes that produce high-quality, long-lasting and convenient cards, for high volume, cost-sensitive mass consumer manufacturing. The Aveso display offers the same quality of contemporary credit cards and a lifespan of up to five years. The displays are easily mass-produced anywhere in the world that hot lamination manufacturing processes are available.

The Aveso display module also offers lower voltage and power requirements, high contrast and sunlight readability, shock and vibration resistance, embedded Texas Instruments’ MSP430™ microcontroller and supports both event and time-based algorithms.

“To prevent data theft and fraud, there is a clear need for display cards,” said Sally Hudson, industry analyst with IDC. “However, for widespread adoption of display cards, manufacturers must be able to mass produce them by leveraging existing production and distribution mechanisms. It appears as if Aveso is making this a reality with its flexible and rugged display and the successful outcome from this 3-roller test.”

About Aveso, Inc.

Aveso is the leading provider of flexible displays suitable for high-volume, cost-sensitive, mass-consumer applications. Integrated into products such as credit cards, product packaging and medical diagnostics, Aveso’s displays provide immediate access to relevant and useful data, delivering unprecedented levels of safety, security and convenience.

About dz card International

dz card International, founded by Jørgen Schmidt in 1971 and headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand, is a leading global expert in the card business. The company supplies more than 500 million cards annually to customers all over the world. The group is internationally renowned as a leading manufacturer of all types of cards and has a global reputation for premium quality, excellent customer service and fast delivery.

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Hot Laminated One-Time Password Card With Aveso Display Passes Rigorous 3 Roller Test

Article Author - 8 October 2009
The Industry-Standard Test Affirms the Flexibility and Durability of Aveso’s Display Module together with high-qualityCard Manufacturing process by dz card (International)

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