dz card is a strong global supplier on the SIM and Scratch card market with customers all over the world. dz card focuses on delivering products that satifies the current needs of our customers: no more, no less.

Our goal at dz card is to "make our customers happys" and therefore by providing the correct solution at a competitive price while enabling the mobile operators to maximize their profit, we creat a win-win result for both parties.

dz card offers high-technology products such as SIM, the latest WIB solutions and Java. dz card also provides low-cost cards such as 32K Phase 2+.

Based upon an operating system that utilizes the full potential of the chip, our chip solutions can provide our customers to delay migration from 32 k to 64k or from 64k to 128k. This methodology provides dz card's customers more value at the same cost.


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Scratch Cards

1 to 12 panel Scratch cards, 1 to 4 panel Scratch lite, Customized Scratch cards and customized scratch card solutions

SIM Cards

SIM cards, VAS, OTA, NFC, Software & Fullfillment solutions

USIM Cards

U-SIM, NFC-USIM and 3G network applications


NFC Cards & NFC applications
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