Near Field communication (NFC) is a new technology mainly used in mobile phones allowing short distance (4 cm or less) contactless communication. Other uses for the NFC are on stickers, cards, tokens etc. This communication technology can support payment, transportation, access & loyalty solutions just to mention a few.

On NFC SIM cards the 6th PIN on the chip is used for the NFC – this is also called “single wire protocol”. The implementation of the NFC on SIM cards enables the telecom operator to support the above mentioned solutions in order to maximize profit and ensure the end user a world of opportunities.

NFC is a strong focus for dz card and several projects have been launched with success. Further to NFC SIM card production and/or chip embedding, dz card can provide the NFC chip (hyperlink), payment software such as T-money and much more in order to fulfill our customers’ needs.

VISA & Master Card supports NFC and the contactless payment solutions provided on the SIM card.

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